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We are so happy you may be interested in becoming our partner, and we would love to introduce you to our rewarding program. If you own or operate a website or blog that ideally pertains to design and style, interior design, mom and baby, home décor and accessories or gifts, you’re already perfectly suited to enjoy the advantageous benefits of joining our program.

We offer a competitive 5% commission rate for every customer you refer to our site who then makes a purchase. Joining our program is simple. Begin by signing up to initiate your own affiliate management account, where you can create links to the Lavender Fields home page, product pages, or whatever page that works for you. The second those links or our banner ads are live on your site, you begin reaping the rewards.

  •     Commission levels starting at 5%
  •     60 day cookie window
  •     Ongoing coupons and promotions to improve your conversion
  •     A wide variety of products with more than 10,000 items
  •     User friendly site
  •     Blog, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest account you may use to access new arrivals and product information

If you are interested in becoming a Lavender Fields affiliate sign up here

Questions? We are here to help. 866-898-5461 or email us.

  •     What are the requirements to be a Lavender Fields affiliate? You must have a live web site for review, and it must be family friendly. We do not accept coupon related sites.
  •     How do Lavender Fields affiliates earn commission? Affiliates earn commission by referring customers who complete the checkout process through Lavender Fields.
  •     What is the time frame for tracking returning visitors? All banners and text links will be trackable via a 60-day return cookie embedded with your affiliate ID information.
  •     Are any pay-per-click or seo words/ terms forbidden? Bidding on and optimizing your site with our trademarked terms are forbidden including any use of “,, Lavender Fields, or any phrases containing our trade-marked terms.