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Palo Santo Coconut Milk Soap


This coconut milk soap is a soft + luxurious soap containing coconut milk and made with phthalate-free, premium aroma oils. Protected by individual shrink wrap and encased by our bright, floral labeling make these a perfect grab & go gift! Naturally coloured with red moroccan clay.

PALO SANTO • Slightly smoky, slightly sweet, yet earthy + calming. Palo Santo will calm your nerves, calm your mind and help ground you throughout the day.

Notes of: palo santo • warm amber • soft musk 

6.5 ounces.

Ingredients: sorbitol (sorbitol), coconut oil (sodium cocoate), propylene glycol (propylene glycol), stearic acid (sodium stearate), water, sodium hydroxide, glycerin, coconut milk (cocos nucifera fruit juice), titanium dioxide, rose kaolin clay.