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Palo Santo Burn + Bloom Candle


Slightly smoky, slightly sweet, yet earthy + calming. Palo Santo will calm your nerves, calm your mind and help ground you throughout the day. Wood & Wax Co. Burn + Bloom candles (made with pure soy wax, wooden wicks + premium aroma oils) come with a paper dust cover embedded with wildflower seeds. This eco-friendly dust cover is meant to be planted, so you can grow your own wildflowers once you're finished with your candle!

Notes of:
palo santo • warm amber • soft musk

White glass tumblers hold 9.5 oz of US-grown soy wax and premium, pthalate-free fragrances. A larger wick gives you more of that subtle crackle that we love from American hardwood wicks. Approximate burn time is 50 hours.

Ingredients: Pure US-grown soy wax, American Hardwood wick, fragrance oil.