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Lorena Canals Basket Bola in Aqua Blue

The Lorena Canals Bola Basket in Aqua Blue is made with new sewing techniques that creates a ceramic bowl form, irregular shapes and a small opening on the top. Great for use as a flowerpot or storage basket, every home needs a few of these. We like to remind that each piece has been handmade one by one, so every basket will be unique and different.

  • Size: 10" x 1'
  • Eco-friendly: 100% natural cotton and non-toxic dyes.
  • Machine-washable.
  • 100% Cotton.
  • Handmade
  • Every basket is unique and different.
  • There may be minor variations in color and shape.
  • This product meets all the quality and safety standards for children.
  • The product has the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001 certificates.
  • Environmentally responsible: non toxic or polluting dyes have been used.
  • Extensive quality controls to check for needles and other metals have been applied.
  • Made in India.

Washing and Care Instructions:

  • It is recommended not to wash to avoid losing the initial shape.
  • Don't worry if lint appears, as this is residue fiber produced from cutting the cotton.
  • Should you find any long or loose threads, cut these using a pair of scissors. Never pull threads.
  • Keep away from fire.