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Couture Dreams Chichi Ivory Linen Throw

We are totally excited about Couture Dreams Ivory Linen Throw. So cool, so unique, not your typical throw! Can also be used as a table runner.

  • Size: 50" x 70"
  • Fabric: Linen and Nylon
  • Product Care: Machine washable/dryer safe - delicate/hand wash machine wash cycle, low heat/no heat in dryer
  • This product is handmade. Slight imperfections may occur and should not be construed as damages. It is normal for finishes, textures and dye lots to vary slightly.

What makes Couture Dreams products so unique is that each piece is handmade from hand screening oversized images or by hand placing hundreds of petals onto our fabrics. No two pieces are exactly the same, making each product a true piece of art.