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Barnaby Black Balsam Fir Candle

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Barnaby Black small candles are single plant origin studies.  They don't blend or concoct formulations of fragrance with these guys - these are the natural, raw & honest aromatics direct from the plant & tree on the label.  Balsam fir is the quintessential holiday tree of the east coast of north america.  These versatile trees grow in all kinds of cool conditions, encompassing a huge range in the northeast & making way west up into canada.  Their aromatics are a pure reminiscence of a cold winter forest - deep, rich & earthy.

Their wild fragranced candles are made with 100% wild foraged aromatics.  After many formulations and tests we have come up with a perfect blend of eco-soy & locally sourced beeswax to carry our essential oils. They wanted to truly capture and bring to your home a taste of the wilderness. 4 oz amber jar. Hand poured in small batches.  Ingredients: eco-soy & beeswax, tree pitch/resin, live plant infusions, steam distilled essential oils. Cotton wick.

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