Just Bee Renewed Lip Balm - Lavender

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Just Bee Renewed is a specially developed lip balm designed to work for more than 8 hours overnight to help tone and soothe lips. Propolis is gathered by bees to protect and repair their hive. We use it to help repair dry, cracked, and damaged lips. Propolis is blended with naturally gathered beeswax, organic oils of coconut and jojoba, healing vitamin e, and soothing lavender and bergamot oils. Jojoba oil is a superior moisturizer that speeds wound healing while at the same time providing antibacterial and antioxidant benefits for lips. Teamed with the anti-inflammatory and powerful healing properties of coconut oil, this balm offers wonderful therapeutic benefits to your skin. Use Just Bee Renewed as part of your nightly routine to maintain smooth, healthy lips.

Size: 0.15 oz / 4.25 g.

High performance, clean, cruelty-free and bee-friendly.