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Etu Home Artisanal Vase

$99.00 - $149.00

Our artisanal glass vases are made by European artisans, each hand crafted to display unique individuality. The mouth blown recycled vase keeps an organic shape. These glass flower vases are stunning on their own, in pairs, or in a set of three. The ability to mix and match sizes adds interest to the display, but the free form of the round vase ensures it is perfect as a singular decorative accent.

Made from European artisans, each one is hand crafted to display uniqueness in any space. The mouth blown recycled glass vase keeps an organic shape.

  • Medium: Weight: 2 lb Length: 7.5 inches Width: inches Height: 17.5 inches
  • Large: Weight: 7 lb Length: 9 inches Width: inches Height: 22 inches

Care Instructions: Hand wash all glass with care or wipe with a soft, damp cotton cloth. For all embellished and painted glass accents be sure to hand wash with care. We recommend that you do not use liquid cleansers, glass cleaner, soap or abrasive agents containing alcohol on any embellished or painted areas. For the best care, simply wipe glass clean with a damp cloth. To maintain the integrity of glass accents with painted bottoms, do not soak them or leave in standing.

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