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Sweet Grass Farms All-Natural Lavender Laundry Soap Concentrate

This old-fashioned formula is wonderfully fragranced, biodegradable and an extremely effective alternative to chemical-based detergents. The low-sudsing formula is kind to nature and kind to those who are sensitive to chemicals and synthetic fragrances. You only need 1/8 cup per laundry load. This all-natural laundry soap concentrate works great in HE front load washers and is gentle enough to clean your delicates, bathing suits and lingerie. There really is no limit to how, when, where or why you use this incredible product.

4 lb. bag of laundry soap concentrate
Enough for 50 loads of laundry
All natural ingredients
Free of chemicals and synthetic fragrances

Ingredients: naturally derived, low-sudsing cleansers, sodium bicarbonate, cornstarch, essential and fragrance oils

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