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Balance Essential Oil Roll-On


Romantic florals and intoxicating citrus with base notes of vanilla. Light and sweet sacred perfume. Balances feminine energy and the moon cycle. 100% pure essential oils of rose geranium, neroli, atlas cedarwood, vanilla, lavender, and frankincense in jojoba oil. 10ml roll-on bottle with gold lid. Roll on pulse points on the inner wrist and sides of throat, inhale deeply. Reapply frequently throughout the day for inner peace.

Open Heart Apothecary oils are formulated with a deep knowledge of the science of aromatherapy. Made in small batches in Bridgeport, CT, these high-vibration artisan oils contain no synthetic scents, preservatives, or chemicals. We infuse our essential oil blends and body products with reiki energy and moonlight to strengthen their vibration and healing potential.


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