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Matteo Tat Cotton Decorative Pillow

$195.00 - $255.00
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Our Tat Cotton dec pillows are constructed with a tattered ruffle border and an envelope closure to hold your pillow snugly in place.All dec pillows come with a 100% white duck feather pillow insert.

A cotton version of our classic Tat Linen collection! Our Tat collection is a true labor of love. We took a traditional ruffle detail and deconstructed it. We exposed the fine stitching details that are usually hidden underneath the seam and left the edges raw. We spent months adjusting the ruffle length and sewing tension.We even had to develop special ruching and shirring machines along with a novel cutting technique to get the ruffle just ruffle just right. It was worth it!

Tat Cotton uses our Nap percale as a base fabric. Nap is woven with the finest 40s single-strand yarn available. This percale has a nice crisp finish that recalls the comfort of a lightly-starched white dress shirt. Nap will get softer and softer with every washing and it will be a favorite in your linen closet for many, many years.

Shams and Pillowcases are both used to protect pillow inserts, but there are a wide variety of constructions. Typically, shams are more fitted and employ some method of closure to keep the pillow in place, whereas pillowcases loosely encase the pillow and are open on the side.

Wash should be separated into light & dark colors. Do not overload machine as this will damage long cotton fibers. We recommend a lukewarm wash cycle with a gentle detergent & a cool rinse.

Bleach may be used on white cotton bed linens only. Avoid using products that contain whitening agents such as chlorine bleach, alpha hydroxy acids and benzoyl peroxide on garment-dyed items. The reactive dyes used for garment-dyeing are not resistant to these whitening agents.

Tumble dry with low heat. Remove bed linens promptly from the machine to reduce wrinkling. For best results, line dry.

We at MATTEO tend to prefer a lived-in look, as such, you don't find us ironing our sheets too frequently. If you prefer a crisp looking bed, our cotton bed linens should be pressed while slightly damp using the Lightweight Cotton or Medium setting.

  • 100% Cotton
  • Garment-washed and dyed using non-toxic dyes
  • Percale weave
  • 225 Thread count
  • 100% White duck feather pillow insert
18 x 18
18 x 18
46 x 46
22 x 22
22 x 22
56 x 56
24 x 24
24 x 24
66 x 66
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