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  • Brand Spotlight - Sweet Gumball Art

    Brand Spotlight - Sweet Gumball Art
    Karen Olney is an entrepreneur, product designer and artist based in Alpharetta, Georgia. Her company, Sweet Gumball, is known for being passionate about creating all things simple... and of course, sweet. While some like to describe Sweet Gumball's craftsmanship as "understated elegance" she likes to describe it as designs "from the heart". The color palette is consistent in soft linen tones combined with...
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  • Create Your Perfect Gallery Wall

    Create Your Perfect Gallery Wall
    These easy tips will help you create that gallery wall you have been meaning to work on but have no idea how and where to start. 1. Start with your favorite piece. It could be art, an architectural piece or a tapestry. Once you have your focal point and favorite piece you can work around it. If you do not have a favorite...
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  • Mad About Plaid

    Mad About Plaid
    We are mad about plaid especially during the holiday season. Shop our favorites from storage buckets to gloves. We got you covered.
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  • Perfect Gifts for a Cozy Day or Weekend at Home

    Perfect Gifts for a Cozy Day or Weekend at Home
    These days we are spending a lot of time at home, so this season why not give them a gift to make them feel cozy and warm. Our collection features throws, robes, candles, pillows, decadent lotion and pretty slippers. View our Curated Gift shop for gift ideas.    1. Cozy Throws  2. Cozy Robes  3. Long Island Candle 4. Slippers  5. Lavender Lotion  6....
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